BIOE 127/127L, Ichthyology (Summer 2015)

Lecture: Mon/Weds. 1 – 4:30pm, COH 118 (Marine Lab)

Lab: Mon/Weds. 9:00 am – 12pm, LG Discovery 128 (Seymour Center, Marine Lab)


welcome to the Ichthyology, BIOE 127 web page.

Instructor: Gary Longo (glongo at ucsc.edu)

  • office hours: Tuesday 10-11am  & 1-2pm COH 247

TA: Hudson Pinheiro (htpinheiro at gmail.com)

  • office hours: TBD


Note: Due to the compact nature of summer session scheduling, the class only meets 10 days total. Plan on being present for all 10 days as each day is equivalent to a week’s worth of material.  If you have to miss more than one day, I would encourage you to take the class at another time.