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"The Ecology of Biodiversity"

Bioe 147/247

Spring 2014


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modified: 26 March 2014

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Bio 147/247 is an upper division/graduate course about the ecology of biological diversity. It uses case histories of well-studied marine and terrestrial systems to develop the major themes of community biology: structure, trophic dynamics, succession, complex interactions among species, herbivory, evolution and coevolution. Lectures and discussions will be supplemented by extensive readings from the text and from the primary literature. Students need a solid background in ecology so that we can cover advanced material in this course, with no more than a quick review of the basics.

This course is designed to follow one of these courses: Introductory Ecology (Bio107), Marine Ecology (Bio 108), Freshwater Ecology (Bio 155) or Plant Ecology (Bio 145). One of those courses, or a similar ecology course that goes beyond the ecology taught in an Introductory Biology sequence, is a required prerequisite; a course such as Bioe 20C is not adequate. Students who have taken ENVS 24 need special permission of instructor. NO EXCEPTIONS.  

TEXTBOOK: P. Morin, Community Ecology, 2nd ed (2011). You can get this either new or used from the campus bookshop, the publisher (Blackwell's) or Amazon; there is also an e-book option (bookshop, publishers).

Students are REQUIRED to bring a copy of the relevant lecture supplement (on the class website) to every lecture. I have designed these so you can take notes directly on them; because of this, hard copies are best, but you also might use a tablet that you can write on.

LECTURE: MWF 11:00-12:10 in Physical Sciences 110

SECTIONS: Tue/Wed 2:00-3:40 Physical Sciences 130

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