last updated Jan 12, 2016

Please see below for syllabus and information on sections for the first week.


You will email your pattern paper to the following people. This person will then email you back within a few hours confirming they have received your paper. If you do not hear back from them within a day, send the paper again. Click on blue email links to directly mail the person.

A. Thursday 8:30-9:40 section email to kmmcclur@ucsc.edu (Katherine McClure, your TA)

B. Monday 12:30-1:40 section email to chkan@ucsc.edu (Chris Kan, your TA)

C. Wednesday 8:00-9:10 section email to cthow@ucsc.edu (Cara Thow, reader not your TA) —email only Cara, not your TA!

D. Wednesday 11:00-12:10 section email to cthow@ucsc.edu (Cara Thow, reader not your TA) —email only Cara, not your TA!


Handouts tab to the left is your source of handouts of slideshows/graphs I show in class

Instructor: Bruce Lyon

Email: belyon.ucsc.edu

Office hours: Wed 11-12AM in EMS A412

Teaching Assistants
Office Hours and Location
Katherine McClure kmmcclur@ucsc.edu Wed 3-4, Thurs 10-11, EMS A350
Chris Kan chkan@ucsc.edu Mon 10-11, Wed 9:50-10:50, EMS D410
Cara Thow cthow@ucsc.edu Wed 10-11, EMS D318

Required textbook: A Primer of Ecology (4th Edn). 2008. Gotelli, N.J. Sinauer Press. This small paperback focuses on the population (i.e. mathematical) aspects of the course.

Required reader: A reader is available in the bookstore. It is essential that you purchase this reader as it contains all of the handouts, study questions, journal articles for discussion section, etc.. that you require for the course.

Supplemental text on reserve at the library: Essentials of Ecology. 2000. Townsend, C.R., Harper, J.L. & Begon M. Blackwell Press. This is not a required text. My lectures do not follow this book closely and most students did not find this book very useful. A few students, however, did find the book useful in providing a broader perspective to the material covered in class. You can peruse the book on reserve in the library and decide for yourself if it is worth buying or even reading the reserve copies.

Pdf of the course syllabus


Slide show of student cartoons of past ecology classes click here