Field Trips

There are two planned field trips this quarter. These trips are designed to introduce you to patterns in nature and methods of quantifying such patterns, and it is strongly recommended that you attend both field trips.

Scheduling note: If there are any questions as to whether a field trip will be cancelled (eg. rain, snow, hurricane, Dr. Carr is asked to return to captain the US National Shuffleboard team), check the “Announcements” page of the course website.

Field Trip #1: Elkhorn SloughShorebird resource partitioning

Saturday, January 11 Low tide (-1.2 ft) is at 5:23pm and sunset around 5:11.

Van pool: Meet at Coastal Biology Building parking lot a 12:45 PM (van leaves by 1:00!)

Individual driving: Meet at Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Reserve on inland side of Elkhorn Slough at 2:00 PM


Elkhorn Slough Field Trip Handout

Elkhorn Slough Field Trip Datasheet

What to bring:

Binoculars if you have them, your journal, pencils, funky shoes, windbreaker/warm clothing, sunglasses, a hat or visor, and someone, anyone, who can identify shorebirds!!


Field Trip #2: Rocky intertidal zonation at Davenport Landing

Saturday, February 8 –  Low tide (-1.2 ft) is at 4:18 and sunset around 5:41.

Van pool: Meet at Coastal Biology Bldg parking lot at 1:15 PM (van leaves at 1:30!)

Individual driving: Meet at Davenport Landing at 2:00 PM. (10 mi north of Santa Cruz on Hwy 1, turn left onto Davenport Landing Rd. 0.3 mi to parking area at Davenport Landing Beach)


What to bring:

Intertidal Survey Handout

Intertidal Species ID Code List

Appropriate footwear (old shoes, rubber boots, wetsuit booties, etc), an extra pair of shoes, pencil(s), clipboard, your field journal, the two handouts, windbreaker/warm clothing, food (unless you like eating intertidal algae)