Below are papers that have been assigned (or optional) for reading sections.

The more you read them, the wiser you become….

  1. Darwin, C. and A. R. Wallace. 1858. On the tendency of species to form varieties; and on the perpetuation of varieties and species by natural means of selection. Journal of the Linnean Society of London (Zoology) 3: 45-62. (or for a less pixelated version of the same paper….)
  2. Grant, P.R., and B.R. Grant. 2002. Unpredictable evolution in a 30-year study of Darwin’s finches. Science 296: 707- 711.
  3. Basolo, A. L. 1995. Phylogenetic evidence for the role of a pre-existing bias in sexual selection. Proceedings of the Royal Society – Biological Sciences 259:307-311
  4. Heath, D.D., J.W. Heath, C.A. Bryden, R.M. Johnson, and C.W. Fox. 2003. Rapid evolution of egg size in captive salmon. Science 299: 1738-1740.
  5. Pianka: on r- and K-selection.  The American Naturalist, Vol. 104, No. 940 (Nov. – Dec., 1970), pp. 592-597
  6. Savolainen et al. 2006. Sympatric speciation in palms on an oceanic island. Nature


Extra interesting reading: