Assignments 2015

There will be two written assignments in this class.

First assignment:

grades of first assignment

Latest news, one extra module is necessary to complete the first assignment, it will be available on Tuesday, 10/13/2015.

if you have not yet enrolled in the system, this is what you need to do:

first enroll in the regular module as described in the email: then you can log into and select ‘register for a new class’. You will need to enter this Access key,  6DS3-6DEu-F4Y2-4kmp-Ajmh, to complete the registration.

As said in class, this is a two-part assignment where one part is done with the SimBio, the second part requires writing a paper.

All instructions are on this pdf.

Send me an email (bernardi at if anything is unclear.

Due date for the assignment: Sunday October 25 at 5pm.

Second Assignment (click here)  (the written workbook is due at the same time as the paper, Nov 30)

Rubric (click here)