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Marine Botany Spring 2015
BIOE 120/120L

Lecture Location, Days and Times

Tue/Thur 9:30 - 11:15 AM
Center for Ocean Health 118
UCSC Long Marine Laboratory

Laboratory Locations, Days and Times

Thursday 4pm-8pm or Friday 9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm Seymour Classroom 128a

Course Descriptions

Marine Botany will introduce students to the algae through a detailed exploration of the seaweeds of California . The class focuses on the main patterns of algal evolution, morphology, development and reproduction that characterize the different algal taxa. The class also focuses on the ecology of algae, the particular constraints and stresses associated with being a photosynthetic organism living in the ocean. You will gain an understanding of the factors that influence species diversity and abundance in algal communities. Reading primary literature, class discussions, guest lectures, and a final presentation of a scientific paper will give students a broader understanding of the scientific process.

Marine Botany Lab emphasizes taxonomy, internal anatomy, natural history and functional morphology of marine algae: Chlorophyta, Heterokontophyta, Rhodophyta, Cyanophyta, Bacillariophyta & Dinophyta. Students will gain an understanding of how to key out algae using the Marine Algae of California by I.A. Abbott and G.H. Hollenbergh. Field trips will broaden students understanding of the ecology of algae: correlations of form with habitat, biotic interactions, and community stucture.


Contact information and Office Hours


Kristen Kusic Heady

Office Hours:
Tues 11:15-12:15, Thur 8:45-9:30 COH 118 or by appointment