Written Assignment


You will need to summarize a scientific paper on fishes, and review two of your classmates’ summaries. First, find a research paper on fishes from a peer-reviewed journal. You can find copies of these journals in the Science Library, or online on the Web of Science (accessible from any computer connected through the campus network).

Some great fish journals are:


Journal of Fish Biology

Environmental Biology of Fishes

Marine Biology

Write a summary of the paper, explain why the work was done, what the questions are, and what your comments are on the paper. Did you like the paper? Why, why not? This should be no more than one page. Print two copies of your paper and swap with two classmates on Wednesday August 3rd. You should have two people reviewing your paper and you should review two students’ papers. Return your reviews to one another  so that you will be able to make edits to your work before the final deadline on August 10th. Incorporate the reviewers’ comments into your work and print this final draft. Your grade for this assignment will incorporate the thoroughness of your reviews (15% percent of your paper grade will be determined by how well you reviewed your peers paper). The paper will account for 20% of your overall course grade.

You will then turn in four items, stapled together:

1) The abstract of the article you read 

2) Reviewer 1′s edits to your first draft

3) Reviewer 2′s edits to your first draft

4) The final, edited draft of your paper & the names of the people whose paper you reviewed