BIOE 128L - Large Marine Vertebrates

Instructor: Patrick Robinson (
Office hours: COH 148A, Tuesday 12-2pm and by appointment

TA: Chandra Goetsch (
Office hours: COH 149, Monday 12-2pm and by appointment

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Example proposal (From Patrick's grad school project)

Northern elephant seal data (MatLab and google earth files)

California sea lion data (MatLab and google earth files)

MatLab Tutorial documentation

Course Syllabus - Note: Schedule will be modified throughout the quarter.





Mon. Jan. 7:


NMFS permit, IACUC permit


Wed. Jan. 9:

Mini conference 8:30am, then Ethics + Field info

Ethics Chapter, Eseal Research Effects


Mon. Jan. 14:

Ano Nuevo Field Trip

Elephant Seal Paper, Eseal SOP


Wed. Jan. 16:

Class canceled



Wed. Jan. 23:

Scientific reading, writing, and reviewing

How to read a paper, NSF grant proposal


Mon. Jan. 28:

Kimberly Goetz: Aerial/ship surveys

Goetz Paper


Wed. Jan. 30:

Guest Lecture: working with animals in aquaria

Reichmuth Paper


Mon. Feb. 4:

Guest Lecture: Unique logistics of sea otters

Tinker Paper


Wed. Feb. 6:

Dr. Huckstadt: Stable isotopes

Isotope Paper


Mon. Feb. 11:

Goetsch/Conners: fatty acid analysis

Fatty-Acid Paper


Wed. Feb. 13:




Wed. Feb. 20:

Dr. Southall: Behavioral Response Study

BRS Paper


Mon. Feb. 25:

Dr. Costa: Tagging and Tracking



Wed. Feb 27:

Bill Henry: Seabirds

Henry Paper


Mon. March 4:

Dr. Costa: Energetics + funding



Wed. March 6:

Dr. Friedlander: Working with large whales



Mon. March 11:

How to give effective presentations



Wed. March 13:

Presentation work day



Mon. March 18:

Mini-Conference: formal presentation of projects



Wed. March 20:

Final exam



Field Calendar: