Guide to presentations

Bio 159 – Guide to Proposal Presentation

Your allotted time is 15 minutes. Count on NO MORE than 10 – 12 minutes to talk, regardless of how many people are involved in your project, so that the audience has time to ask questions.
Make sure your presentations are local (ie not a network based presentation) that will work on both MAC and PC platforms.  You should put your presentations in the dropbox folder called “Presentations” prior to the meeting.
Divide the presentation such that each member of a pair or group has something to say and that transitions among people are not awkward
The presentations should be similar in organization to the paper you are writing (Intro, methods, results, discussion).

1)    the question and why it is interesting – this includes background to the question and system
2)    the pattern or theory that motivated your interest in the question and how it relates to the question
3)    the goal of your study,
4)    your hypotheses
5)    background information on your system (species, sites, aspects of your system that relate to your question),
6)    for each hypothesis- describe the design of your survey or experiment, the methods used to collect data and create manipulations,
7)    present results that directly inform your hypotheses
8)    Discuss the results in the context of your introduction – how do these results link to past work and theory

As a final comment, remember, the main reason for the presentations is to have the audience think about your project and to give you constructive criticism