Resources and Readings

Guidelines for presenting/leading a discussion on class readings

Sitka marine species list with photos


Global Change Biology Readings

Tuesday1/16/18WarmingHarris et al. 2014N/A
Wendler et al. 2016
Thursday1/18/18Carbon CycleBerthier et al. 2010Cassie Powell

Wilmers et al. 2012Clara Zeder
Commane et al. 2017Mikaila McCorkill
Friday1/19/18OA & DeoxygenationFabry et al. 2009Brandon Dickson
Evans et al. 2015Matthew Minaker
Tuesday1/23/18Thermal PhysiologyFinnegan et al. 2015Lauren Strope
Hoenisch et al. 2015Jacob Gifford
Thursday1/25/18PhenologyHarley et al. 2011Julie Einsweiler
Long et al. 2013Iris Flores
Friday1/26/18Range ShiftsPinksy et al. 2014Tammy Russell
Hauser et al. 2017Anisa Rizo
Tuesday1/30/18Ecosystem ChangeCheung et al. 2013Sabrina Garcia
Wassman et al. 2011Michael Langhans
Thursday2/1/18Adaptation and MitigationBerteaux et al. 2004Torrey Gorra
Mathis and Cooley 2014Emma Wilson


Marine Ecology Readings

Wednesday1/17/18Rickets 1932Sabrina Garcia,
Michael Longhans
The legacy of a naturalist - How rickety's wave shock idea helped shape a century of shoreline researchCassie Powell
Friday1/19/18Lindstom 2009 - The biogeography of seaweeds in Southeast AlaskaBrandon Dickson

Estes and Duggins 1995 - Sea otters and kelp forests in AlaskaLauren Strope
Monday1/22/18Changes in eelgrass habitat and faunal assemblages associated with coastal development in Juneau, AlaskaJacob Gifford
Eckert et al. - Synthesis of marine biology and oceanography of Southeast Alaska (Nearshore ecology section pages 25-29)Emma Wilson
Wednesday1/24/18Schindler et al. 2003 - Pacific salmon and the ecology of coastal ecosystemsIris Flores
Eckert et al. - Synthesis of marine biology and oceanography of Southeast Alaska (Fisheries section pages 19-25)Julia Einsweiler
Friday1/26/18Keeling et al. 2016 Factors driving spatial variation in egg survival of an ecologically and culturally important foraging fishTammy Russell
Pinto abalone status review (pages 7-39)Anisa Rizo
Monday1/29/18Weingartner 2009 - Southeast Alaska: oceanographic habitats and linkagesMikaila McCorkill
Eckert et al. - Synthesis of marine biology and oceanography of Southeast Alaska (Oceanography section pages 10-19)Torrey Gorra
Wednesday1/31/18Sturdavant et al. 2012 - Diets and trophic linkages of epipelagic fish predators in coastal Southeast Alaska during a period of warm and cold climate years, 1997-2011Clara Zeder
Eckert et al. - Synthesis of marine biology and oceanography of Southeast Alaska (Seabirds and mammals section pages 29-39)Matthew Minaker


Field Ecology Prep Readings

Thursday1/18/18Algal distribution in Betty's Bay: an observational study of patterns of algal communities as a function of disturbance from wave exposureMichael Longhans, Sabrina Garcia
Habitat preference of the sea urchin (Parechinus angulosus) within tide poolsEmma Wilson, Aniso Rizo
Friday1/19/18Characterization of species distribution by light intensity and water flow within the Hopkins Marine Station kelp forestTammy Russell
Recruitment and habitat association of Strongylocentrotus purpuratus in temperate kelp forest and barren habitatsJacob Gifford, Cassie Powell
Tuesday1/23/18Small-scale spatial patterns of Posidonia oceanic inflorescences: variation in inflorescence frequency and maturity as a function of depthBrandon Dickson
Epiphyte accrued patterns and effects on Posidonia oceanicIris Flores
Thursday1/25/18The physical and ecological effects on distribution of the pear limpet, Scutellastra cochlearClara Zeder
Territoriality in the south african intertidal limpet, Scutellastra longicostaMikaila McCorkill
Friday1/26/18Community structure and distribution of Paracentrotus livid and Arbacia lixula following the 2012 storm at STARESO, Corsica, FranceLauren Strope
Distributions of two sea urchins, Paracentrotus lividus and Arbacia lixula, and their habitat associations in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea, STARESO, CorsicaJulia Einsweiler
Tuesday1/30/18Habitat associations of demersal fish at Hopkins Marine Station Pacific Grove, CAMatthew Minaker
Spider crabitat in the kelp forest: a temporal comparison of microhabitat partitioning of spider crabsTorrey Gorra
Thursday2/1/18Discussion of projects
Friday2/2/18Final logistics and travel meeting