Student Presentation schedule

Student presentation schedule and papers – 2016


9/12/2016Caitlin Carrington, Khanhchi Dam, Nicole Magana, and Ian Roussopoulos2012Comparison of prey utilization in the lab and field for Octopus vulgarismRaimondi
9/12/2016Kaitlin Mae McConnell and Kathryn Scott2010Prey species preference and specialized feeding behavior in the Mediterranean Octopus vulgarism.Raimondi
9/12/2016Krista Rigsbee, Lora Johansen, Katie Mo, Daniel O’Shea2014Octopus vulgaris: Optimizing Energy Gain Through Prey Selection and Learning. Raimondi
9/13/2016Paloma Lopez2012Epiphytic Community on Posidonia oceanica: Pattern of Distribution and Effects on the Seagrass Life History.
9/13/2016Hannah Perlkin and Emily Tucker2012 Small-scale spatial patterns of Posidonia oceanica inflorescences: variation in inflorescence frequency and maturity as a function of depth.
9/13/2016Emily Hardison and Scott Borsum2014Epiphyte accruel patterns and effects on Posidonia oceanic.
9/13/2016Mykle Hoban2012Habitat specialization in the Mediterranean cardinalfish, Apogon imberbis.
9/13/2016Patrick Webster, Kyle Swann, Michael Richtik-Rinaudo2010Diel distribution and site fidelity of Apogon imberbis in shallow rocky reefs in Corsica.
9/14/2016T. McHugh and K. Elsmore2012Distributions of two sea urchins, Paracentrotus lividus and Arbacia lixula, and their habitat associations in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea at STARESO, Corsica, France.
9/14/2016Audra Barrios, Kimberly Powell and Melissa Mehmens2010Habitat association of Arbacia lixula in the Ligurian sea.
9/14/2016Megan Carey, Rebeca Irigoyen, Xochitl Rojas-Rocha, Melissa Sawyer2014Community structure and distribution of Paracentrotus lividus and Arbacia lixula following the 2012 storm at STARESO, Corsica, France.
9/14/2016Kyla Roessler2014Site fidelity and homing abilities in Mediterranean anemonefish G. bucchichi.
9/14/2016Kenan Chan & Emma Chiaroni2014Cohort structure and habitat association of the Pinna nobilis population in Northern Corsica at STARESO.
9/15/2016Jessica R. Hanaway-Moore and Gabrielle R. Keeler2012Foraging habitats and interspecies interactions of the striped red goatfish, Mullus surmuletus.
9/15/2016Harrison J., Hernandez L., Williams E.2014A Study on the Habitat Association and Feeding Preferences of the Red Mullet.
9/15/2016Maggie McFarland2014Site Fidelity, Home Ranges and Homing in Mediterranean Red Striped Goatfish, Mullus surmuletus.
9/15/2016Julie Butel, Claire Nasr, Leslie Hart and Ryan Yuen2010Patterns of Association in Trypterygion tripteronotus, T. delaisi, & T. melanurus.
9/15/2016M. J. Davis, N. Alcaraz, J. Cossaboon, H. Krom, A. Gomez2010Patterns of distribution of Actinia equina based on abiotic and biotic factors in STARESO harbor and surrounding coves
9/15/2016Anja Sjostrom and Ryan Stephenson2012Competition between the comber (Serranus cabrilla) and painted comber (Serranus scriba) at STARESO, Corsica, France.
9/15/2016D. Shannonhouse-Wilde, L. Wynkoop, K. Rodriguez, G. Berryman2012Preliminary assessment of competition between two labrid species as a model system for Mediterranean invasions driven by global climate change.
9/15/2016Stephanie Fields and Erin Hubach2010The relationship between wave action and algal communities.
9/15/2016Roxanne Beltran, Tyler Jessen, Liam Zarri2012Light exposure determines subtidal community assemblages in Corsica, France.
9/20/2016Ian Moffitt and Connor Gervais2012An Analysis of Survey Methodology for Muraena helena in the Ligurian Sea.
9/20/2016S. Burns and K. Kopecky2014An investigation of the presence of Mediterranean Moray Eels (Muraena helena) within rocky reefs and seagrass meadows (Posidonia oceanica) in Corsica, France.
9/20/2016Andrew Kim & Desiree Davis2010Client Selectivity in the cleaning interactions of the Mediterranean Cleaner Wrasse Species, Symphodus melancercus in Calvi, France.
9/20/2016J. Ayala, E. Ferrer, J. Sullivan, P. Welsh2014Inquiry on the Cleaning Behavior of Symphodus melanocercus: Its Preference for, and the Effects of Territory Size, Clientele, and Primary Placeholder.
9/21/2016Wade Dugdale, Kelsey Metzger2014Health Impacts of Cymothoid Parasitic Isopods on Symphodus tinca and Boops boops Hosts in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea at STARESO, Corsica, France.
9/21/2016Wade Dugdale, Ryan Baker, Eleni Christoforou2014The relationship between Pagurus anachoretus and Cerithium vulgatum as affected by shell size and availability at Station de Recherches Sous-Marines et Oceanographiques in Corsica, France.
Other readingsBrittany Boyd2010Halocynthia papillosa association with other sessile marine invertebrates in Calvi, Corsica.
Other readingsAubrey Sanders2010The Mediterranean peacock wrasse: population and behavioral ecology of Symphodus tinca during non-spawning season.
Other readingsPike Spector & Tamsen Peeples2010Chemosensory in Sepia officinalis Predation.
Other readingsAllison Jehly, Anoosh Moutafian, Talley Sagot and Savannah Shaughnessy2010Phytoplankton Composition off the Coast of Point Revellata, Corsica, France.
Other readingsColin Gaylord and Tyler Hubbell2012Foraging Habitat of Sepia officinalis at STARESO Research Station in Calvi, Corsica.
Other readingsAndreas Raisch2012Variation of Habitat for Echinaster sepositus and Implications for Habitat Preference.
Other readingsAstrid Leitner and Stephanie Nguyen2012Investigation into the patchy coastal distribution of Chromis chromis in Revellata Bay, Corsica.
Other readingsAthena Barrios & Sage Melcer2012Anthropogenic noise pollution and its effects on Chromis chromis schools.