Swath upload

Use the following instructions to enter your SWATH data:

1. Download this Swath data entry file

2. Open the excel sheet and select “Enable Macros” as shown below:

3. Go to the DATA tab and enter the information from your SWATH data sheet.

4. Each row should represent one species at each segment of the transect (i.e. More than 30 Bat stars in the 0-5m section)

5. In then case of Macrocystis pyrifera , you need to enter the number of stipes for each plant in the columns named MCASTIPES (1) for plant one, MCASTIPES (2) for plant two and so on.  If you found more that 7 plants in that segment of the transect, you can add more columns.

6. Save the tab as a CSV file and put your name in the file name, the site and what is the data for.  i.e. Swath_PtLobos_RodrigoBeas.csv

7. Select “Save Active Sheet” when the following window pops up.
8. Select “Continue” in the next pop up window:

5. Upload your csv file here after identifying yourself below. Wait until the page is refreshed and the upload file icon disappears. That means your data was uploaded successfully:

Thank you very much.