Tentative schedule

Tentative Schedule 2017

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Mon, 2 OctCourse overview and logistics: UCSC waivers, Hopkins waivers, Diver info form, Food schedule, Readings schedule, Set-up schedule, C-Card/DAN card copies
Diving safety and procedures review -- Briefing on diving at HMS (Steve Clabuesch)
Lecture: Overview of kelp forest ecosystems - Pete
Wed, 4 OctLecture: The biology and ecology of temperate subtidal macroalgae - Pete
Readings: Edwards (2004), Ebeling et al. (1985), and Reed & Foster (1984)
Mon, 9 OctLecture: The biology and ecology of kelp forest invertebrates -- Steve Lonhart
Readings: Watanabe (1984), Sala & Graham (2002), Duggins et al (1989)
Overview of dive on Wednesday (UPC - Habitat Associations)
Wed, 11 OctField - Uniform Point Contact (UPC) surveys of algae and invertebrate cover
Mon, 16 OctLecture: The biology and ecology of kelp forest fishes -- Mark
Readings: Hallacher and Roberts (1985), Holbrook et al. (1997), and Davenport & Anderson (2007)
Review UPC analyses and write-up (Habitat Associations)
Overview of dive on Wednesday and Monday (swath)
Wed, 18 OctField - swath surveys for algae and invertebrate densities (Point Lobos vs. Hopkins)
Mon, 23 OctLecture: Applied kelp forest ecology - Mark
Readings: Ling et. al. (2009), Estes et al (1998) and Scheil et al (2004)
Overview of dive on Wednesday (Fish density and size estimates)
Review UPC habitat association results for write-up
Wed, 25 OctField - Fish transects (sizing exercise and species IDs)
Mon, 30 OctField - Fish transects (swath sampling for density and sizes)
Submit UPC (Habitat Associations) survey paper electronically
Wed, 1 NovReview fish swath survey data
Introduce independent group projects on sea urchins
Project discussions
Wed, 8 NovField - Survey day 1
Submit Hopkins versus Pt Lobos paper via e-mail by 11:59 PM
Mon, 13 NovField - Survey day 2
Wed, 15 NovField - Survey day 3
Mon, 20 NovField - Survey day 4
UPC- Habitat Association paper returned
Wed, 22 NovField - Survey day 5
Mon, 27 NovField - Survey day 6
Wed, 29 NovField - Survey day 7
Mon, 4 DecField - Survey day 8
Wed, 6 DecProject presentations
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Mon, 11 DecProject presentations
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